IV/Feeding Therapies

Feeding problems are one of the most common medical complications in children and can be managed in many different ways. Once your doctors choose the best way to provide nutrition for your child, we will make sure that care can be safely continued at home. PediCare nurses ensure that the patient receives the ordered solution and additives at the ordered rate.

Particular care is required if the patient has more than one IV line or pump to ensure that lines are not mixed up. When an IV bag is changed or if medications are being added to one of the lines, it must be identified and tracked back to the solution source to verify that the additive is being added to the correct line. Our nurses are also trained to perform thorough IV Maintenance and IV Site Assessments/Care to help avoid any complications.

List of IV/Feeding Therapies we provide:

  • Central Lines
    (PICCs, Broviacs)
  • TPN/IVFs
  • G/J Tubes
  • NG Tubes
  • Blood Draws
  • IV Antibiotics

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