We Rise By Lifting Others.
You might wonder why we have a balloon as the symbol of our company. The reason is really quite simple. Have you ever noticed the way a child experiences a balloon? All at once their precious face comes alive with joy, wonder, and amazement.

"Sometimes the smallest things 
take up the most room in our hearts."

While that line is borrowed from the lovable character Winnie the Pooh, it is possibly the truest statement ever made. As a parent of a baby with medical needs, your heart is filled with the desire to love, comfort, and protect your child.

At PediCare, we are constantly aware of the passion of parents. Our job is to provide the individual medical attention that matches your love and devotion through In-home Pediatric Care.

More than a specialty, it's our calling.

In-home Pediatric Care is a specialized nursing market that typically requires more care and detail than adult nursing. At PediCare, we staff only Board Certified Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses. We take great responsibility in choosing the nurses we send to your home.

When you call PediCare, you will speak directly to a licensed pediatric nurse or nurse practitioner, never a call center.

Moreover, we believe in staffing only nurses that share our passion. The educational and clinical experience of our nurses is impeccable, and equally important, our nurses believe that caring for children is their true calling in life.

Melissa Flanagin

A board-certified neonatal nurse practictioner, Melissa is determined to make a difference for the medically-fragile children of MS. Her passion for care is second to none.  

Brandi Young

Running a PPEC center for years gives Brandi the valuable experience and information we need to keep our nurses up-to-date with the education needed to care for our patients.

Marcie Errington

Nursing Supervisor
Soft spoken and deeply caring , Marcie brings TONS of private-duty nursing knowledge to the team.  This experience is shown in her ability to care for each and every child.

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