It’s Officially Don’t Kiss the Babies Season.

March 16, 2020
Yes, It’s that time of year again…

It’s that time of year again. It’s fall ya’ll. Leaves changing, weather cooling, pumpkin spice everything and the whole state of Mississippi smells like taco soup. I love ALMOST everything about it. There are only a few small details I feel we should work out though.

The dreaded flu & RSV are coming and as we prep out homes with fall colors, the endless bottles of sanitizers come out in every room as well. I say it to myself every year, “Not this time, I’m waging war on the Flu and RSV.” We make the kids wash hands, Then sanitize, and then do it all over again.

But are we missing something? Just as important as the kids keeping germ free, us adults should too as well. A simple cold to us can be vastly more for the little ones, but absolutely detrimental to the fragile babies we care for at PediCare.

Want to talk about a scary scene…

We’ve seen it first-hand, moms and dads in panic as their baby struggles to simply breathe and nurses perform suction to try and help remove the mucus that accompanies the RSV infection. Folks, it’s no fun let me tell you.

At this point in the game, as parents, we’ve all most likely heard about RSV and the damage it can cause. This highly contagious respiratory infection typically hits children 2 and under, and most do recover on their own. However, over 125,000 children end up being hospitalized due to the illness.

With the babies we care for at PediCare, RSV and the simple cold can have drastically different outcomes. These little miracles already have compromised immune systems and the struggle with infection can be a daily battle. If you know someone in these situations and you have a cold, it’s best to probably wave and smile from a distance, LOL, no really though.

We know everyone loves a newborn, but when it’s RSV season, our babies are a “no-fly” zone. We stress washing hands & sanitizing hands & vampire coughs (you know, coughing into your elbow). But we should also know the importance of not touching. Let’s not make it awkward folks, we don’t want to tell our friends “NO”, that they can’t touch our children, but we will. Smiles and compliments work just as well.
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