Pediatric Specific Nursing Offers Greater Care for Children/Parents Alike

March 24, 2020
We get asked all of the time, is there a difference in providing nursing for adult patients and nursing for pediatric patients? Aside from obvious age factor, there are a number of significant factors that are unique to our pediatric nursing care.

#1. There’s a big difference between an infant and a teenager.

Our pediatric nurses can have multiple patients of varying ages. This means that our nurses need to have multiple strategies to get a patient to take his or her medications. As well as multiple nursing strategies to ensure the patient is receiving the most effective care. With such a wide range of developmental and cognitive abilities this can certainly be a challenge, but our nurses are experienced in handling patients with various conditions from infants to teenagers.

#2. We love our patients’ parents!

Making sure your precious child is getting the best care possible is your job as a parent. As private duty pediatric nurses, we have the unique opportunity to work closely with parents, families, and loved ones. Parents can never ask too many questions. We want you fully involved in your child’s care.

#3 Children can present differently

Because infants and children have less medical history, the care process can be more complicated at times. Pediatric patients often can compensate their vitals for a period of time before a sudden decline, they can crash quicker, and they don’t present the same way as an adult for sepsis, stroke, and heart conditions. Often times our patients can be too young to talk so we rely on our assessments and experience.

Our experience and skills in handling pediatric patients helps give ease-of-mind to parents. PediCare was created to help guide our Parents through the chaotic environment of healthcare. We know these can difficult times, let us help give you peace-of-mind.

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